January 2013 Meeting Minutes

January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Flints Grove Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting January 23, 2013


Meeting began: 8:00p


Present:  Doug Clark, Vickey Lutwak, Alex, Doug, Steven Slater


Absent: Flor, Rhoda


Old Business

We established that none of us present had the minutes of Nov. 14 to refer.


Last meeting for which we had minutes was October 17, and the agenda for that meeting was:


  • Tot Lot
  • Newsletter
  • Website Launch
  • Bids on Tree Debris removal
  • Draft budget for 2013
  • Resolution of issues with Pebble Hill Townhouses


We decided there were some outstanding issues to bring forward, but would wait to have the minutes.


New Business

Towing discussion of the van/truck parked at the end of Pebble Hill Lane

Doug said he had taken several steps to inform the townhouse owner and tenant. Doug said he had researched county laws protecting homeowners from their cars being towed and had researched our covenants.  The first step, he said, was a ruling or finding by architectural committee prior to taking action.  Then, the homeowner was advised of the ruling and had to act within 7 days before the HOA could tow.


The architectural and environmental control committee, Vickey and Steven, then found that the vehicle is in violation of Article VIII.  Section VII paragraph d.  The ruling in affect was provided to Doug.



Steven brought up the issue of “Interim president,” asking the board for their consensus of him volunteering in the position for the purpose and timeframe of serving as the spokesperson and organizer for the upcoming community meeting.  The board had objective and Steven volunteered to step down after the Feb. 6 meeting. The board consensus was that Steven stays on until the community-wide meeting in April.  Steven agreed.


On February 6, is a scheduled meeting for the community.  The focus will be 10% voted increase  – to hear from the community – and to share the details of the budget that precipitated the increase.


The group went into executive session for the purpose of forming the public meeting agenda.


The executive session ended


Future Business

Steven suggested the Board look to focus on issues that are yet unresolved:


  • Digital directory online to reduce paper. (Pat and Alex)
    • requires ways to get emails. Jeanne had said she was going to send a mailing and then use street captains to collect emails.  Jeanne would create the letter asking for the information and send it out.


  • Alex is working on designing the website.  It will look more visual and more information about who to call.   Pay dues on line might be possible with Google wallet instead of sending out bills and having dues collected by check.


  • Tree Restoration Plan:  (It’s a large project)
    • discussion of involving students
    • Requires a larger tree policy


  • Status of signs (Rhoda)
    • Board consensus for a need for signs in the community to mark parts of the property as Private.  The signs will allow police enforcement to combat periodic complaints of loitering on Dehaven Court and to allow towing.
    • Consensus for small signs to be placed at the end of Dehaven and at other locations TBD.


  • Update the Covenants (Doug)
    • Discussion for whether the HOA covenants need to be updated.  Some of the reasons for the discussion are that the Board has little enforcement powers, the covenants were developed prior to the community being fully built out, (not specific to Flints Grove).  That new county laws may supersede the covenants.
    • The discussion of whether to attempt updates, total revision, and how it would be accomplished will be further discussed.
    • Playground equipment (Rhoda)
      • Need to resolve the playground issue.



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