FGHOA Stream Information

FGHOA Stream Information

Have you noticed lots of tags on the trees surrounding the stream and walking path? Have you been concerned about the state of the stream in recent years?

Montgomery County is coming to help

The county is planning to work on the stream and storm water pond within the borders on Flints Grove, and they want to hear from you!

The county has done initial planning for restoration of the stream to correct and prevent further erosion that threatens the health of the stream and causes potential harm to homeowner property. They would like your comments and questions about the plan.

The FGHOA has placed copies of the concept plan on our website.  You can access them at http://flintsgrovehoa.org/home/2013/07/25/june-2013-fghoa-meeting-minutes/.  Please spend some time looking at the plans and documents.  They are technical in nature but if you invest a little time you can become familiar with them.

As you do review them, locate your home site on the drawings and begin to think about how you envision it when complete as compared to its current state.  Do the plans incorporate what you have envisioned over the years?  Are there parts of the plans that need further explanation?  Is there anything that concerns you?

Please send your comments and questions to john_d_mclean@yahoo.com by August 11, 2013.  We will consolidate the comments and deliver them to the county.

Restoration Files:

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