July 2014 FGHOA Meeting Minutes

Date:               July 14, 2014 (Monday)

Time:              7:30-8:30 PM

Location:        14504 Rich Branch Drive (Clark Residence)





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Douglas Clark


Flor Clark


Steve Kwon


John McLean


Leslie Press


Alex Veizis


Carmen de Perignat




  • A-Z Directory Planning (Next Steps)
  • School Bus Stop Efforts
  • Financial Status
  • Committee reports
  • Remaining old business
  • New business


Meeting Minutes:

  • Board approved Meeting Minutes for June
  • A-Z Directory Planning (Next Steps)
    • Almost finished gathering community information for the directory
    • Alex will wait for the remaining information and will email AZ Directory with information available
    • School Bus Stop Efforts
      • Doug:  Supervisor of the bus routes inspected the vacant spot.  She is fine with the proposed bus location when we are ready with a plan.
      • Potential cost of a bus shelter.
        • Roughly:  $7,000 for just a simple shelter (Doug got bids)
        • Full structure and landscaping could cost approximately $20,000
        • Recommendation was made to start with a very simple pad with some benches
  • Board is making the following recommendation:
    • Alex: to get a HOA recommendation from the attorney Ron Bolt to determine how we should proceed
    • Doug: to get some conceptual drawings with costs for a pad and some benches
    • Financial Status
      • Alex presented financial status
      • No comments
      • Committee reports
        • Architecture
          • No updates
  • Maintenance
    • Community lighted signs is working – photo cells are working
  • Social
    • Sunday
      • Leslie to post ice cream social signs tomorrow
      • Alex to send an e-mail to the community
      • Flor to purchase ice cream
      • John and Steve to bring tables
      • Remaining old business
        • Pebble Hill landscape updates have received positive review from community
          • Alex to post pictures to website
  • Huang issue – Alex will be sending a letter
  • Kauffman issue – Recommend to send a letter
  • New business
    • First townhouse on the left in Pebble Hill may have tripping issues.  Board to review to determine if HOA property is involved and if remedial measures should be taken
    • Action to Steve:  Draft a letter for HOA member violations to maintain property appearance


Agenda for Next Meeting:


Date:               August 13, 2014

Time:              7:30-8:30 PM

Location:        Steve’s House



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