Crime Alert

Crime Alert

As Spring is almost here, it’s nice to think about all the good that is coming our way as we leave this cold and snowy winter behind.

The only negative that comes out of the warming weather is individuals with bad intentions start to walk our streets in the community and have an eye on our personal belongs.

There are three accounts that have been confirmed in our community this week on Rich Branch Drive of break-in’s and stealing.

Two members did not have their car doors locked and had items taken.  Another member had 2 bikes stolen from their front porch.

Here is the request from the member in regards to the bikes:
“They are both hybrid trail/road bikes, one women’s one man’s. The woman’s bike has distinctive elevated handlebars. Both are blue.  The man’s bike has a small LED headlight clamped to the handlebars. If you see them around, let me know.”

If anyone sees these bikes or has any leads, please let us know so we can try to get the bikes back to our HOA member.

Also, please take a good look at your property.  Do not leave any valuables out in clear sight.
Lock your car doors and please report any suspicious activity.

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PS – You can keep up to date with info in our community and the surrounding neighborhoods by joining the NextDoor community message board.  If  you have not joined already and would like to you can follow this link to join:

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