May 2015 FGHOA Meeting Minutes

May 2015 FGHOA Meeting Minutes

Date:               May 7, 2015 (Thursday)

Time:              7:30-8:30 PM

Location:        11433 Flints Grove Lane (Alex’s House)





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Douglas Clark


Flor Clark


Steve Kwon


Lakshman Ramamurthy


Leslie Press


Alex Veizis


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Sam Spector





  • Opening Remarks
  • New Board
  • Financial Review
  • Budget Review
  • Committee
    • Maintenance:
    • Social
    • Architecture committee
    • New Business




  • Opening Remarks
    • Leslie is leaving the Board after two years of service; she gave thanks to the Board for its service to the community; Leslie will continue to be available for any volunteering effort
    • Leslie will also take the lead to get a price to have the doggie bags installed.  Doggie bag sign has the Flints Grove HOA email as the point of contact to have the bags refilled
    • Leslie turned over the HOA record boxes to the new board; the HOA signs are available in her garage




  • Annual meeting
    • Board reviewed the discussion that was raised during the annual meeting:
      • Questions about the home conditions in the neighborhood (two homes)
      • There was also complaint about home construction occurring early in the morning
      • Issues of someone opening unlocked cars
  • Board recommendation:  Setup an appointment with the HOA attorney to determine any recommendations for recourse


  • New Board
    • President:  Lakshman
    • Vice President:  TBD
    • Secretary:  Steve
    • Treasurer:  TBD
    • Committee
      • Architecture:  Carmen
      • Maintenance:  Doug
      • Social:  Flor
  • Action: Charlie, Alex, and Sam to determine who will take the remaining positions – VP and Treasurer


  • Financial Review
    • Board reviewed expenses – no issues


  • Budget Review
    • Board reviewed the budget – no issues


  • Committee Reports:


  • Maintenance:
    • Condition of the parking at Pebble Hill; topic was raised that the Board should consider parking resurfacing because of the surface condition
    • Doug has started the bidding process to gather estimated costs
    • Parking seems to be an issue with respect to the number of available parking spaces and resident cars
    • The sidewalk condition of Pebble Hill should also be reviewed
    • Nothing that needs immediate attention for the walking path
    • The condition of the Bridge should be reviewed to make sure there are not erosion issues – this could be a potential committee project


  • Social
    • Recommend getting more people to help Flor
    • Aim for July Ice Cream Social
      • Need to decide dates
      • Need to get signs and notice to community


  • Architecture committee
    • Carmen will look at the By Law
    • Carmen talk to John to get turn over
    • New Business – Possible Improvement projects for the Board
      • Improve the Flints Grove sign at the entrance
      • Improve Pebble Hill asphalt and sidewalk
      • Work to resolve 2 residence issues – One Abandon House and One Rental Property issue
      • Work to resolve Pebble Hill parking issues
      • Establish a community fountain
      • Submit a Tree Grant (Steve Slater)
      • Install Doggie Bag for the community (Leslie is leading this effort)
      • Install bench’s around neighborhood
      • Directory work
      • Hold more Social Events
      • Update our HOA By-Laws (Large Task)
      • Establish a new bus stop to improve children safety
      • Establish a fence policy
      • Improve landscaping in the community (adding more colorful flowers/perennials/annuals)


  • Action:  Steve to create a Spreadsheet for the Board to prioritize the proposed projects


Meeting Minutes:


Agenda for Next Meeting:


Date:               June 4, 2015 (Thursday)

Time:              7:30-8:30 PM

Location:        Lakshman’s Home

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