October 2015 FGHOA Meeting Minutes

October 2015 FGHOA Meeting Minutes

Date:               October 13, 2015 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        DuFief Elementary School





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Douglas Clark


Flor Clark


Steve Kwon


Lakshman Ramamurthy


Alex Veizis


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Sam Kolb




  1. Attorney Ron Bolt discussion
  2. Next Door Responses – Any Community Concerns to Discuss?
  3. Future Projects
  4. Financial Status
  5. Committee updates
  • Committee Reports
  • Architecture
    • Maintenance
  1. Social
  2. New Business


Meeting Notes:


  1. Ron Bolt discussion
  • 15 year practicing attorney
  • Co-chair on committee involving HOA, Condominium, etc.
  • Also attorney for downtown and Chevy Chase area
  • Provided the board with legal guidance to best help the community
  1. Next Door Responses – Any Community Concerns to Discuss?
  • Nothing to really report
  1. Future Projects (update with the stream)
  • Action: Charlie to add the Montgomery County EPA points of contact and information concerning the stream restoration to the HOA Website and the NextDoors
  1. Financial Status
  • Reviewed financials
  • Question about the upcoming HOA due: Should we keep the lower rates or should we increase rates to the previous amount?
    • Board agrees to keep the rates lower
  1. Committee Reports
  • Architecture
    • Nothing for architecture
    • Maintenance
      • Maintenance report review
      • Request to give Architecture committee the power to request watering for up to $300 for HOA landscaping. Carmen will send email to notify group when watering will happen. Board agrees.
      • Request for fall seeding for $615 – Board approved.  Carmen will check to see if $615 is worth it.
  • Social – Halloween Parade
    • Setup the sign about a week before
    • Provide notice on NextDoor
    • 5:00 PM start
    • Location is at Rich Branch
  1. New Business


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