FGHOA Board Election Results (2016)

FGHOA Board Election Results (2016)

Flints Grove Homeowners Association (FGHOA) Community Members:

The Board is pleased to announce the results of the recent election held at the April 2016 FGHOA Annual meeting. Attendees at the meeting agreed to appoint Ms. Latha Srinivasamohan as the Inspector of Election, making sure the votes were properly counted. 7 Board positions were open for membership. Here are the election results:

1. Steve Kwon (37 total votes)
2. Carmen de Perignat (37 total votes)
3. Alex Veizis (36 total votes)
4. Doug Clark (31 total votes)
5. Charlie Liebetrau (29 total votes)
6. Bob Canter (25 total votes)
7. Ami Corey (23 total votes)

The other candidates received votes as follows:

8. Suneet Shukla (15 total votes)
9. Ken Bakalar (14 total votes)
10. Subhasis Datta (13 total votes)
11. Maureen Austen (12 total votes)
12. Julie Zheng (12 total votes)
13. Katharine Suettinger (11 total votes)
14. Flor Clark (8 total votes)

The current and new board will meet at Dufief Elementary on May 10 at 7:00 PM to transition tasks to the new board, elect officers, and approve the budget. Please note that a budget was presented to the members during the Annual Meeting and the meeting was adjourned as our time at the venue drew to a close.

Thank you for your commitment to this community.


The FGHOA Board

Link: Certificate of Election

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