FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2016

FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2016

Date:               July 12, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        Dufief Elementary





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Alex Veizis


Ami Corey


Bob Canter


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Douglas Clark


Steve Kwon





  1. Task list items
  2. Stone planter on Pebble Hill
  3. Complaint about commercial vehicles
  4. Responses to new home owners/refinancers
  5. Follow up to bus stop conversation
  6. Newsletter
  7. Doug’s fence
  8. Bob’s tree (and tree request response in general)
  9. Committee reports
  10. Tasks for next meeting – including room reservations


Meeting Notes:

  1. Meeting Minutes
    1. June meeting minutes were commented
    2. Steve will incorporate comments and sent final draft for approval
    3. General discussion about e-mailing and mailing architectural forms
      1. Look into improve communications with community; perhaps update the form to include sending electronic request to HOA
      2. Task list items
        1. Task 1: Bus Stop – no updates from Mike; Charlie will follow-up
        2. Task 2: Vendor agreed to reduced rate to perform Audit Review
        3. Task 3: Rich Branch Townhouse Parking Seal Coal – Doug recommended working the project and completing by Aug 31, 2016
        4. Task 4: Reserve requirements for townhomes – recommend we talk to the accountant, we could take the ratio of the total dues collected from townhouses against the total collected from single family; Alex to talk to account and look at the governing HOA documents
        5. Task 5: effort to update Governing documents – no updates; recommended start date of October
        6. Task 6: basketball hoop complaint – no change; Charlie will follow up
        7. Task 7: Pebble Hill Planter improvement – Carmen is working the task
        8. Task 8: Contact Montgomery County EPA about mosquitos – Bob completed task and contacted the county
        9. Task 9: Purchase Mutt Mitts dog bags – completed; ordered arrived; bags were delivered to Leslie’s house
        10. Task 10: Newsletter – Ami resented a draft newsletter to the Board

i.      Recommend to highlight governing document update information

ii.      Action: Everyone look at the governing documents and give an excerpt to the group for the opening paragraph. Due by the end of the week, give the group a recommended governing document.

iii.      Group provided Ami inputs to the Draft Newsletter

iv.      Steve to provide Ami feedback with the major projects

v.      Include mosquito reminder from the Montgomery County website

  1. Stone planter on Pebble Hill
    1. Upon further investigation, the Board reviewed the Pebble Hill home plot and determined that this wall is not on HOA property but could be seen as part of HOA maintenance
    2. The Board discussed the options, with the new information, how to address the repair the wall.
    3. Board split on the following

i.      Provide no solution

ii.      Provide partial

  1. Board declined to pay for whole thing
  2. Board could not reach a majority vote; further discussion needed
  3. Complaint about commercial vehicles
    1. Doug said that the renter’s landlord seems to be working the issue
    2. Doug to respond and confirm the conversation with the landlord
    3. Doug to review the response with Charlie
    4. Complaint: Pebble Hill HOA common are property has toys
      1. Action: Carmen to draft the letter, warning letter to remove – Complete letter by COB 22 JULY
      2. Action: Steve to review letter
      3. Action: Bob and Carmen to distribute
      4. Tree complaint
        1. Action: Doug to draft letter for Charlie with Arborist report
        2. Action: Charlie to reply to owner
        3. Responses to new home owners/refinancers
          1. Three refinance requests
          2. Move to table it until next meeting
          3. Run it by Bob with information
          4. Follow up to bus stop conversation
            1. Charlie to follow up with Mike
            2. Newsletter
              1. Reviewed the draft newsletter
              2. Doug’s fence
                1. Doug expect to be under budget and on time to meet the July 31 deadline
                2. Charlie to follow-up with Doug on July 25
                3. Bob’s tree (and tree request response in general)
                  1. Carmen to talk to our landscaping vendor to remove re
                  2. Committee reports
                    1. Fence request—recommend approval
                    2. HOA Member—email from Alex that member is requesting for us which garage door that can be approved.
                    3. Recommend including the other complaints that are related to the home
                    4. Agree with fence with stipulations that Carmen will draft
                    5. Approve tree improvements
                    6. HOA Member on Flints Grove requested: paint color recommendation
                    7. Pool removal – the pool is sold
                    8. Maintenance
                      1. Replaced the bulb
                      2. Tasks for next meeting – including room reservations


Next meeting:


Date:               August 9, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        DuFief Elementary School


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