FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2016

FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2016

Date:               August 9, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        1 Research Court (Suite 450)





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Alex Veizis


Ami Corey


Bob Canter


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Douglas Clark


Steve Kwon





  1. Task list items:
    1. Bus stop
    2. Rich Branch Seal Coat
    3. Townhouse Reserve
    4. Basketball hoop
    5. A-Z directory
    6. Trees
    7. Complaint about commercial vehicles
    8. Carmen’s workload
    9. Neighborhood Review
    10. Financial status
    11. Committee reports
    12. Ice Cream Social
    13. New Business


Meeting Notes:

  1. Task list items:
    1. Bus stop – no updates
    2. Rich Branch Seal Coat – Doug is collecting bids
    3. Townhouse Reserve – Alex to talk with Ami and the account and consider getting an updated engineering report
    4. Basketball hoop – homeowners and neighbors were contacted
    5. A-Z directory –Alex to have this finished by this weekend, 14 emails to resolve
    6. Trees – finished talking with arborist; Board will need to reimburse


  1. Complaint about commercial vehicles
    1. Pebble Hill has numerous commercial vehicles parked in the neighborhood
    2. Charlie and Alex has been in contact with the renters, neighbors, and owner
    3. Problem continues to persist
    4. Three courses of action

i.      Action to Charlie Alex: Continue to talk to HOA Members and Management Company and request that they continue to alleviate the issue

ii.      Talk to Legal for suggestion and guidance for this commercial matter

iii.      Action: Carmen to send to Bob the commercial vehicle definition

iv.      Action: Bob will check the CCOC documents to see if there is anything about commercial vehicle

  1. If CCOC is silent and then contact Legal
  2. Carmen’s workload
    1. General discussion with workload
    2. Make sure Maintenance task is directed towards Doug
    3. Check the balance of all board member work
    4. Financial status
      1. Major expenses:

i.      Branch pickups

ii.      Montgomery County Association fees went up ($5 a house)

  1. Upcoming expenses

i.      Printing cost

ii.      Insect Spraying at Park

  1. Committee reports
    1. Maintenance

i.      Letter for the planter removal

ii.      Removal of debris from Canter house

  1. Reviewed the committee report
  2. Ice Cream Social
    1. Date August 28: Ice Cream Social, 3-5pm Playground
    2. Budget $200
    3. Action: Alex to add the date and time to the website and e-mail (due by August 12)
    4. Action: Alex and Carmen to look at the signs that Carmen has in her possession
    5. Action: Post the sign by August 20
    6. Action: Ami to look for balloon and face painter
    7. Action: Doug and Flor to get order
    8. Neighborhood Review
      1. For consideration: as a board, do a neighborhood walk through to look for violations
      2. See if we can combine this effort with a newsletter item and it should be considered part of the bylaw review (how this will work) and see if we can get an independent review/management company involved
      3. New Business
        1. Recommendation: make sure Mike’s effort with the bus stop is coordinated with Doug’s past work


Next meeting:


Date:               September 13, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        TBD


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