FGHOA- Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2016

FGHOA- Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2016

Date:               September 13, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        Dufief Elementary





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Alex Veizis


Ami Corey


Bob Canter


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Douglas Clark


Steve Kwon




  1. Committee Conversation
  2. Stream easements
  3. Basketball hoop on Dehaven ct
  4. Commercial vehicles on Flints Grove La
  5. Tasks
  6. Establishing Committees
  7. Carmen’s workload check-in


Meeting Minutes:


  1. Committee Conversation
    1. Topics:

i.      Communications

ii.      Architecture

iii.      Governing documents review and update

  1. Governing documents

i.      Work with the Communication committee to get more volunteers

ii.      Lee introduced herself and her experience to the board

iii.      Unanimously voted to have her lead committee

iv.      OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program

v.      Conversion of the old governing documents to a useable format (example: Microsoft Word)

vi.      Another big step is to determine the fines

vii.      Action: Steve to take the first try at converting the PDF document to word

viii.      Charlie: Recommend to start a meeting, identify the areas we want to improve, and general complaints of the community.

ix.      Recommendation is to take the first understand the actual language and interpretation of the document

x.      What is a reasonable task from now until October?

  1. Find committee members
  2. Create an OCR document
  3. Communication

i.      Try to get a newsletter out by the beginning October to prepare people for the event at the end of October

ii.      Try to get a newsletter out by the beginning of December to prepare for the event at the end of December

  1. Social

i.      What street to go down for the Halloween parade

ii.      Steve makes motion for Pebble Hill

  1. All in favor
  2. Recommendations: Each committee should add some bullets to the HOA website to show the committee’s progress and gain traction for volunteers

i.      Example: The Covenants group met and we discussed the these issues

  1. Stream easements
    1. Talking with Don Dorsey about the Stream Restoration
    2. Don Dorsey, Mike Lichty, Bob, Doug, and Carmen met
    3. There are two easements

i.      Permanent easement (bank to bank)

  1. This is the creek

ii.      Temporary easement

  1. This goes a little further out to build the rock walls, trees, bring machinery, and work partially outside the stream bed
  2. This helps to get warranties on the plants and trees they are planting. Also allows the county to return to the stream to make correction.
  3. Temporary easement would be for 7 years
  4. All of these easements are to the left of the path, walking from Flintgrove down the path toward the stream.

iii.      During this walk—the found a bamboo patch, but they are not going to touch

iv.      Overall: Bob recommends that this easement will not be an issue

v.      They are said they are going to protect the culverts

vi.      Recommend: Take a before walking path video

vii.      County still needs to provide some additional documentation to complete the package

  1. Complaint received related to bamboo
    1. The group identified a patch of bamboo near the path
    2. There is another large patch of bamboo; the backyard of 6 HOA Pebble Hill townhomes
    3. There are two other patches (total of 4 patches)
    4. Recommend to address the issue immediately
    5. Recommendation to get multiple quotes with experience that have removed bamboo
    6. Action: Charlie to write a response to the bamboo complainer, mentioned that we are working to take action, and investigation solutions
    7. Action: Bob to start collecting bids
    8. Note: we should also include information in the newsletter
    9. Bridge
      1. Don Dorsey forwarded the information and picture related to the bridge to the park and planning
      2. This bridge seems to be now part of the park and planning purview
      3. There was a question raised as to how the bridge was originally built
      4. Top of the bridge is good, but the foundation is loose
      5. Still awaiting on who from parks and planning will be contacting back the board
      6. Recommendation: Bob to keep track of the bridge issue
      7. Tasks
        1. Reviewed Tasks
        2. Action: to update posted meeting dates on the website from “Planned” to “Scheduled”
        3. Financial Review
          1. Currently projecting to be under budget even though some expenses were higher than expected
          2. Overall, nothing out of the ordinary
          3. Architectural and Environmental Control Committee
            1. General color discussion
            2. Carmen reviewed the current pending requests
            3. Maureen will also be talking lead on the landscaping
            4. The group is working to better track the requests and improve the process
            5. Action: Alex to send Basketball hoop on Dehaven Ct address to Charlie and Charlie to send email to homeowner
            6. Action: Alex to follow-up with Lanscaper


Next meeting:


Date:               October 11, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        Dufief Elementary


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