FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2016

FGHOA – Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2016

Date:               October 11, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        Travillah Elementary





Present (P)

Absent (A)

Teleconference (T)

Alex Veizis


Ami Corey


Bob Canter


Carmen de Perignat


Charlie Liebetrau


Douglas Clark


Steve Kwon




  1. Task list items
  2. Accounting report from Jim
  3. Trucks on Flints Grove
  4. Basketball hoop on Dehaven
  5. Financial status
  6. Committee reports
  7. Halloween Parade
  8. New Business


Meeting Minutes:


  1. Planning for the meeting
    1. Timeline:

i.      1 week before draft the agenda

ii.      2 days to board review

iii.      5 days before the meeting, have the meeting agenda shared

  1. Responsible parties: Steve and Alex to work the agenda
  2. Task list items
    1. Action: Charlie to write a response to the bamboo complainer, mentioned that we are working to take action, and investigation solutions
    2. Actions: Carmen to reach out to HOA Members to talk about the Bamboo

i.      Action completed

  1. Action: Bob to start collecting bamboo bids
  2. Action: to update posted meeting dates on the website from “Planned” to “Scheduled”

i.      Action completed

  1. Action: Alex to send Basketball hoop on Dehaven Ct address to Charlie and Charlie to send email to homeowner

i.      Action completed

  1. Action: Alex to follow-up with Landscaper

i.      Action completed

  1. Accounting report fromCPA
    1. Alex went through the process with CPA
    2. Alex provided print out from CPA with review
    3. Reviewed the 2013 numbers to tie the numbers to the 2015
    4. Moving forward, going to keep accounting as a cash basis rather than accrual
    5. Recommending to share 2015 and 2016 audits at the next annual meeting
    6. CPA provided report and bill
    7. Basketball hoop on Dehaven
      1. Charlie wrote emails to the homeowner, bringing the community complaint to the attention of the hoop owner
      2. Considered the matter closed from a board perspective
      3. Trucks on Flints Grove
        1. Continuing to receive complaints related to the commercial vehicles
        2. Board has been trying to work with the rental management company, HOA Members
        3. Matter is still being worked through discussion—the matter is still in process
        4. Financial status
          1. Discussed the audit report
          2. Reviewed the expenses
          3. Recommending a budget meeting in December to shift the Budget start date to match the calendar year (verses starting in April)
          4. Committee reports
            1. Social Planning

i.      Halloween Parade

  1. Pebble Hill is the location for the parade
  2. Time: 5:00 PM
  3. Date: October 31
  4. Action: Alex to find Halloween sign
  5. Action: Alex will work the email blast and talk with Ami
  6. Items include:
    1. Glow sticks
    2. Candy
    3. Hot beverages (hot chocolate)
    4. Marshmallows
    5. Alex will bring
      1. Table
      2. Slow down for kids sign

ii.      Welcome basket/card for the new neighbors

  1. Charlie will monitor the new home sales
  2. Recommend providing a fruit basket
  3. Include directory
  4. Should be delivered by a board member

iii.      Recommended trying to hold a movie time in the neighborhood

  1. Board likes the idea, but we need to talk more about the location and what time of year
  2. Need to work this later in the year
  3. Communication Community

i.      Reviewing the Newsletter

ii.      Action: Ami to finish newsletter by today or tomorrow

iii.      Action: Steve to print, fold, and mail newsletter

  1. Architecture

i.      Reviewed requestss

  1. New Business


Next meeting:


Date:               November 15, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time:              7:00-9:00 PM

Location:        Dufief Elementary


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