FGHOA Governing Documents

Complete Governing Documents
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Statement of Community Expectations: Common Understanding as to Exterior Maintenance
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Fee Collection Policy
Download: http://www.flintsgrovehoa.org/documents/FGHOACollectionPolicy05_01_2009.pdf

2017 Reserve Study



Architectural Review

As per Article VIII of the Declaration dated March 18, 1982, the Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (AECC) is charged with reviewing requested changes to homeowner properties to ensure they are consistent with the architectural guidelines for the community as outlined in the FGHOA Declaration. The goal of the Committee is to work with homeowners to help them meet their needs while promoting the aesthetic consistency and well-maintained appearance of our neighborhood.  Homeowners contemplating architectural changes or changes in the appearance of their properties should contact the AECC before signing a construction contract or well in advance of the beginning the job to provide time for the work to be reviewed and approved.
Please use the form below to submit a review request:

Architectural Change Application

*** Please Send Application to the Architectural and Environmental Control (AECC) Committee at:  fghoaaecc@googlegroups.com   ***

Click: http://flintsgrovehoa.org/home/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/AECC-2019-Architectural-Change-Form-.pdf

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