• Trees

  • Homeowner Trees

    The rules for taking down homeowner hardwood trees are contained in Article VIII, Section 7 (i) of the Declaration: “no sound hardwood trees measuring in excess of six (6) inches in diameter two (2) feet above the ground shall be removed from any lot without written approval of the Association acting through the Architectural and Environmental Control Committee or duly appointed subcommittee.  The Architectural and Environmental Control Committee may from time to time adopt and promulgate such additional rules and regulations regarding the preservation of trees and other natural resources and wildlife as it may consider appropriate.”    

    Before undertaking the removal of hardwood trees on their properties homeowners are required to:

    1. Contact VISTA Management at vistam@aol.com  (the FGHOA Management Company) to determine the viability of such hardwood trees (greater than 6 inches in diameter) and the reasons for their removal (e.g. proximity of such trees to their homes, trees leaning against their properties, root systems compromising underground water or gas pipes, trees requiring removal in order to erect homeowner fences).  If necessary, VISTA may use a 3rd party arborist to determine the viability of such trees.
    2. Fill out the 2020 AECC Form and include the signature of adjacent neighbors.
    3. Remove trees only upon receipt of AECC signed approval.

    Written approval of the AECC is not required for the removal of softwood trees such as Pine. If in doubt, the AECC will gladly assist.

    In the interests of safety, the HOA strongly recommends that homeowners use licensed professionals to conduct tree work.

    Montgomery County Right-of-Way Trees

    Certain maple trees that line Flints Grove Lane are Montgomery County trees. While physically residing squarely within a homeowner’s property such trees are on the County’s right-of-way. Therefore, Declaration Rules do not apply to such trees and homeowners are requested not to remove these trees, as they are the sole responsibility of Montgomery County.

    Tree facts:

    1. The County maintains the right-of-way trees; homeowners do not need to prune the trees themselves or pay for their maintenance; call 311 or create a service request online: https://www3.montgomerycountymd.gov/311/SolutionView.aspx?SolutionId=1-2HKWQH
    2. Many of the trees are sick, the county will evaluate the trees and remove them free of charge; there is an approximate 3-year waitlist.
    3. The county will replace the trees free of charge with a species the county arborists select, based on local conditions; they intend to plant a variety of species to prevent future infestations. 
    4. The HOA cannot request trees on Homeowners behalf, each homeowner must contact the county tree program and make their request individually; we encourage homeowners to take advantage of the program to preserve the park-like nature of our neighborhood. 

    Further information on Montgomery County’s tree programs and regulations:

    HOA Trees

    Flints Grove HOA owns an indeterminate number of trees along the Trail and in all HOA common areas.  

    The HOA is responsible for:

    • The removal of dead HOA trees compromising the safety of HOA members walking along the common areas trail.  Once taken down such trees will be cut in several sections and left on site.  
    • The removal of HOA trees impacted by storms or which can fall on top of homeowner’s properties. 

    The HOA is not responsible for:

    • Branches from HOA Trees leaning toward homeowner’s properties. 

    Homeowners are responsible for:

    • The removal of overhanging branches from HOA trees on their properties.