• General

    Can I be added to the HOA Email Distribution list?

    Yes! Please subscribe to the list here.

    Who should I contact for support/services?

    Type of service/requestWho to contactWhat email address
    External changes to homes/treesManagement/AECCManagement@flintsgrovehoa.org
    Financial Statements/Refi/Home SalesManagement CompanyManagement@flintsgrovehoa.org
    Maintenance requests/trees down/urgentManagement CompanyManagement@flintsgrovehoa.org
    General questions for HOA/VolunteeringBoardBoard@flintsgrovehoa.org
    General questions-Community AppearanceAECCAECC@flintsgrovehoa.org

    My contact details have changed, who do I notify?

    Please email the board at flintsgrovehoa@gmail.com making sure you include your address in the email.

    For the HOA email distribution list you may subscribe with your new email address here.

    How often are dues levied?

    Dues are levied on an annual basis at the start of each calendar year.

    Do you get paid for being on the HOA board?

    No, the HOA board is made up of volunteers from our community. If you are keen to get involved, please Contact Us


    How do I get required HOA documentation for selling or refinancing?

    The Flints Grove HOA is working with HomeWiseDocs https://www.homewisedocs.com to provide these documents. We strongly recommend you review what documents are needed, as many documents, such as the Governing Documents, are provided free of charge on the HOA website.

    Can I receive a copy of the HOA’s Master Insurance Policy?

    Please contact State Farm Insurance @ 301-926-3700 for this.


    Which home alterations do I need AECC approval for?

    AECC approval is required prior to alteration and improvements of exterior homeowner dwellings.  Article VIII, Sections 1-6 of the Declaration.

    The areas covered by AECC approval are contained in the Architectural Change Application form

    AECC Approval areas include: 

    • Home Addition or Replacement of Exterior Structure
    • Removal of Exterior Structure
    • Fence Installation
    • Exterior Paint
    • Siding Replacement
    • Door and window replacement
    • Roof Replacement
    • Finished Living Space Addition or Screened Porch addition
    • Basketball pole installation
    • TV Satellite Dish installation
    • Removal of homeowner hardwood trees

    Tree Care

    Do I need AECC approval to prune a homeowner owned tree?


    Do I need AECC approval to remove a homeowner owned tree?

    Yes. The Flints Grove AECC handles approval for the removal of all hardwood trees in our community. No sound hardwood trees measuring in excess of six (6) inches in diameter two (2) feet above the ground shall be removed from any lot, without written approval of the AECC. 

    Exception: Written approval of the AECC is not required for the removal of softwood trees such as Pine. If in doubt, the AECC will gladly assist. 

    See the Trees section on our Information page for further information. 

    What trees are the HOA responsible for?

    Flints Grove HOA owns an indeterminate number of trees along the Trail and in all HOA common areas.  

    The HOA is responsible for:

    • The removal of dead HOA trees compromising the safety of HOA members walking along the common areas trail.  Once taken down such trees will be cut in several sections and left on site
    • The removal of HOA trees impacted by storms or which could fall on top of homeowner’s properties

    The HOA is not responsible for:

    • Branches from HOA Trees leaning toward/overhanging homeowner’s properties. 

    Homeowners are responsible for:

    • The removal of overhanging branches from HOA trees on their properties. 

    See the Trees section on our Information page for further information. 

    What trees are Montgomery County responsible for?

    Certain maple trees that line Flints Grove Lane are Montgomery County trees. While physically residing squarely within a homeowner’s property such trees are on the County’s right-of-way. Therefore, Declaration Rules do not apply to such trees and homeowners are requested not to remove these trees, as they are the sole responsibility of Montgomery County.

    See the Trees section on our Information page for further information.


    Are the monthly board meetings open to homeowners?

    Yes, Homeowners are welcome at any of the monthly board meetings listed in the Events section of the website.