• Closure of Flints Grove Trail Sections on Oct 5th

    September 18, 2020
  • UPDATE: 10/5/2020 – Please note that the sections of Flints Grove Trail will be closed starting Monday morning, October 5th for asphalt construction, and the full Flints Grove trail (part of Stream Restoration area) will be closed from October 6th through 7th for applying sealant by Triangle, a contractor for Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MC DEP). This is based on the plan to repair the asphalt damages along the trail caused by their heavy machinery as part of a negotiated agreement with the Flints Grove Board to address identified construction damages caused during the Stream Restoration Project.

    Please note they will close the trail from the Flints Grove Lane entrance with tape as well as the intersection of this trail with the Rich Branch section near the berm past the playground when they break up and replace the asphalt for about 200 feet of heavy damages caused by construction equipment. They will also apply asphalt emulsion to fill gouges, and then apply sealant throughout the trail to give it a consistent look which will take up to 2 days to dry and complete. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause the community who are enjoying this wonderful asset in our community for their daily walk and exercise. However, this construction work will result in a significantly repaired and newer-looking refurbished trail path saving the Flints Grove community significant future trail repair costs.

    Please review the Informational Session briefing with the FGHOA Community from Thurs night (9/17) that you can download by clicking here which describes detailed plans for the MC DEP construction work.