Category: Information

  • Plat Maps

    All Flints Grove Plat Maps are available in this PDF file: In addition, property lines can be viewed on the following website:

  • Management Company

    In November 2019, the FGHOA Board constructed documentation that laid out the main reasons behind the hiring of a Management Company. These documents serve as a useful resource for any Flints Grove Homeowner who would like to learn more about why a Management Company was selected to serve the community and what the roles and…

  • Volunteering

    The Flints Grove HOA is dependent on volunteers to maintain and improve our community. Please consider volunteering for any Flints Grove HOA Committees or as a general volunteer in your area of interest. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Board at

  • Trees


    Homeowner Trees The rules for taking down homeowner hardwood trees are contained in Article VIII, Section 7 (i) of the Declaration: “no sound hardwood trees measuring in excess of six (6) inches in diameter two (2) feet above the ground shall be removed from any lot without written approval of the Association acting through the…