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  • Plat Maps

    17 Aug 2020

    All Flints Grove Plat Maps are available in this PDF file: Flints-Grove-Plat-MapsDownload

    Management Company

    14 Aug 2020

    In November 2019, the FGHOA Board constructed documentation that laid out the main reasons behind the hiring of a Management Company. These documents serve as a useful resource for any Flints Grove Homeowner who would like to learn more about why a Management Company was selected to serve the [...]


    22 Jun 2020

    The Flints Grove HOA is dependent on volunteers to maintain and improve our community. Please consider volunteering for any Flints Grove HOA Committees or as a general volunteer in your area of interest. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Board at FlintsGroveHOA@gmail.com[...]


    22 Jun 2020

    Homeowner Trees The rules for taking down homeowner hardwood trees are contained in Article VIII, Section 7 (i) of the Declaration: “no sound hardwood trees measuring in excess of six (6) inches in diameter two (2) feet above the ground shall be removed from any lot without written [...]